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Operational Terminals

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Three of our Top petroleum Terminals which we operate are located at Ust-Luga Port, Primorsk Port, Novorossiysk Port, Kozmino Port and Rotterdam Port. to ensure the receipt, storage, pumping and injection of petroleum products. Storage services are provided only at the Ruchi oil depot.

Top level petroleum refineries supply fuel to OilGasTerminal tank farms and terminals. Supplies of fuel to our terminals are carried out by rail, badge and Trucks, Export of petroleum products from the terminals are also carried about by carried out by rail, badge and Trucks. Petroleum products are supplied by rail and road transport. All petroleum products stored at the petroleum terminals must pass the conformity assessment procedures (have certificates of conformity), including compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TRTS 013/2011 "On the requirements for automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel and marine fuel, fuels for reactive Engines and fuel oil."

Quality control

Quality control is carried out at all stages of oil products delivery. Delivery is based on the principle: one quality line - from the factory to the exhaust pipe. Fuel is delivered by rail to oil depots, from which its own transport is delivered to customers or to the company's gas stations. On the way from the manufacturer's factory to the gas station, the fuel passes under strict control: all tanks are sealed, weight and basic physicochemical parameters are checked. The company sells oil products of Euro 4-5 quality.Quality control

Our tank farms and terminals offers services for transshipment and storage of light and dark oil products at its own oil depot. The activity of the tank farm is carried out under the control of state bodies and is confirmed by licenses of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. We offer a range of services, including the reception, transfer and storage of petroleum products, laboratory control, registration of all necessary documents and other services.

Our fuel testing laboratory is accredited for technical competence by the Federal Accreditation Service, including the right to test products for compliance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union of the Customs Union of Customs Union 013/2011 "On requirements for automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel and marine fuel, Fuel for jet engines and fuel oil . The testing laboratory carries out round-the-clock control of the quality of petroleum products at the tank farms during the reception, storage and issue of each batch of products.

  • Other Fuel products that are processed at our terminal:

    • - А92 - fuel fully comply with the current requirements of the European Community.

    • - A95 summer - gasoline class A, due to the high density and boiling point, in summer, the loss of fuel due to evaporation, and in the fuel system does not form air jams.

    • - A95 winter - class D, due to low density and high vapor pressure, in winter the car gets warmer and warms up more quickly.

    • - D2 diesel gas oil - according to the season of the year, diesel fuel is divided into three classes C, E, F. According to the requirements of European standards, the main fuel quality indicators (low sulfur content, high citane number, low viscosity) outperform the products of other manufacturers.

    • - Ventus 95 is premium gasoline with additives from BASF, which contribute to better combustion in cylinders, which reduces fuel consumption by 4%.

    • - Turbo a92e - an alternative motor fuel, which includes dehydrated alcohol and additives. Fuel reduces harmful emissions and cleans the fuel system of the car.

    • - Gas - car gas propane-butane. The ratio of propane to butane is specially balanced.

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