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Design and construction

OilGasTerminal works on the design and construction of buildings and structures, industrial facilities, pipelines, tank farms, gas facilities, etc.

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The company's specialists carry out the construction of industrial and civil purposes "turnkey": from project development to commissioning of the object:

    • development of technical specifications for the design and construction of facilities of various purposes (industrial and civil)
    • master plan development
    • object design (architectural, technological), project design and working documentation, the implementation of sections of the CM and QOL, the rationale for design solutions of engineering networks and communications
    • engineering survey
    • calculation and estimation of design and construction
    • examination of project documentation and obtaining a building permit
    • construction and reconstruction of objects
    • author's supervision

Performing the function of a general designer and general contractor, OilGasTerminal monitors the design and construction work on the object.

All design, architectural and construction works carried out by our specialists correspond to applicable design and construction standards, rules and regulations.

  • Design work

    • Technological design
    • Architectural and construction design
    • Engineering networks and systems design
      • Water supply systems design
      • Sewage systems design
      • Power supply systems design
      • Designing communication and alarm systems
      • Design of fire extinguishing systems
      • Designing automation systems

    • Architectural and construction design
      • Development of working documentation
      • Development of project documentation
      • Construction organization project
      • Project of work production

    • Object Design Services

      • Design of tank farms, oil storages
      • Gas station design
      • Design of boiler rooms
      • Pipeline Design
      • Design of production facilities
      • Design of storage facilities, handling

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