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Equipment for boiler and heat supply

OilGasTerminal makes boiler rooms and "turnkey" thermal points, as well as supplies equipment to them: boilers, burners, heat exchangers, water treatment systems, deaerators, pumps and the necessary automation.

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OilGasTerminal supplies heating equipment to all regions of the country, offering climatic performance, suitable for your particular geographic area. Wide geography of production sites in Russia and CIS allows you to place an order for less loaded production, further tracking the manufacturing process and controlling the timing.

In addition, OilGasTerminal has its own production of block boiler plants, gas reducing cabinets (GRU, GRPSH) and heat points. All manufactured equipment has certificates of conformity.

OilGasTerminal have been in the market for a long time. The skill level of our specialists will allow you to get consultation on the selection and purchase of heat and power equipment, to correctly understand the replacement parameters broken or outdated appliances. You are guaranteed to receive current information on prices and delivery.

  • Your benefit:
    • the cost of equipment is optimal. We are a large enterprise and have the opportunity to provide options for installment payments and work on the pre-delivery agreement.
    • Variety of delivery options: mass production or individual assembly, wholesale deliveries and one-time purchases, any domestic and foreign manufacturers.
    • Reduced production time due to the presence of its own production.

For the training of employees who meet the high standards requirements of OilGasTerminal , The Training Center has been established and is functioning, and anyone can get acquainted with the work.

To facilitate the selection process and help our customers with technical issues, OilGasTerminal Research Center for Industrial Gas Equipment releases the Handbook on selection of industrial gas equipment. In addition, the SIC PGO provides designers technical support on non-standard issues.

Our experience with objects, allows us to implement really personal touch. By the way, we help find such technical solutions that significantly reduce costs at the equipment procurement stage.

Our own export department provides customs services for our foreign partners.

  • Our offers:
    • OilGasTerminal» - official dealer of manufacturers in Russia, Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain) and the United States.
    • Delivery in Russia and in neighboring countries
    • Any climatic modification
    • Completion of already completed projects and the development of new
    • Installation and commissioning at your facility

The quality and reliability of our products is beyond doubt, since OilGasTerminal customers are more than 90% gas distribution organizations of Russia.

Trouble-free operation of equipment for explosive gas environments is achieved by applying the highest standards security. The quality and reliability of the equipment supplied by OilGasTerminal is confirmed by the presence of a complete set of permits and manufacturers certificates.

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