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In April 2010, in order to control the construction work and subsequent control terminal of oil transshipment in the port of Ust-Luga it was decided on the establishment of OilGasTerminal tank farms and terminals ".

In June 2011 ahead of schedule at 3 months was conducted by the working Commission on acceptance of facility in operation.

The results of the work of the Commission, it was determined that the construction of docks completed in full and in accordance with the requirements of the project documentation and the applicable regulatory technical documents of the Russian Federation.

After finishing the construction works, LLC "Baltmorproekt" there was a full diving and surface inspection of piers, the results of which have been issued passports to the berths, confirming the healthy state of hydraulic structures, without any restrictions.

March 23, 2012, in the port of Ust-Luga was held the first shipment of oil from port side tank farm"Ust-Luga"JSC "AK "Transneft".

Subsequently, in order to gain control over safe operation of berths №4, №5 has been developed "System of monitoring of the terminals No. 4, No. 5" (hereinafter - the monitoring) consistent with authorized State agencies and organizations:

- The Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation;
- The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation;
- Rostekhnadzor;
- JSC "VNIIG im.B.E.Vedeneeva";
- JSC "Lengidroproekt";
- JSC "23GMPI";
- LLC "Baltmorproekt".

The monitoring system was provided by a systematic performance measurement and possible sediment deformations in the piers and waterfront structures, including approach trestle, on which are located industrial pipelines of oil, underwater inspection of the front quay wall, inspection of water area at berths on the subject of the measurement marks of the bottom, etc.

Start the terminal mode of the commissioning work took place in the presence of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who pushed the "start" button in the control room of the terminal.

The oil was shipped on the tanker "Nevskiy prospect".

Our Russian sea ports which are the terminals for the transshipment of oil is located in the South-Eastern part of Luga Bay of the Finnish Gulf of the Baltic sea and the mouth of the Luga river often. Large depth of port water area in combination with the short approach channel make the port of Ust-Luga the only Russian port on Baltic, capable to accept bulk vessels with deadweight up to 150 thousand tons. The undoubted competitive advantage of Ust-Luga port is a year-round operation with a short ice channeling period, and icebreaker assistance would be needed only in the most severe frosts. In normal winters to provide entries in the channel is enough of a tow of an ice class.

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