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OilGasTerminal - is engaged in the business of Oil and gas Products storage, via our vast Storage Tank Farms within Russian and Rotterdam port territories terminals

Founded in 1991 company «OilGasTerminal» also performed design , construction and installation work on gasification. Then, over 20-year period of development, the company turned into a large holding engaged in the supply of industrial gas and oil equipment not only in all corners of Russia, but also in foreign countries. Design and installation, of course, were not forgotten. Experienced specialists of the company continue work in these areas, ensuring quality performance, even in a short time.

The trading department of oil equipment specializes in integrated supplies of equipment for oil refining, chemical, food industry. The company also produces and supply of equipment for tank farms of oil refineries.

A major role in the development of the company was played by the creation Research Center SIC PGO. Our center is working on the withdrawal of alternative equipment for manufacturers, the study of Russian and foreign markets of heat and power equipment, identifying trends in their development and the list of goods mostly in demand. Also, the Scientific and Research Center allows you to provide full technical support for any project.

The number of OilGasTerminal employees as of January 1, 2016 is more than 350 people. All staff have a two-month approved training program which they must passed . Working in the company, they not only accumulate experience, but also constantly update their knowledge by regularly visiting refreshing courses, as well as annual exhibitions and presentations of manufacturing plants. Thus, communicating with our experts, you can be confident in their competence. The experience gained so far in the supply of tank equipment, as well as tanks, used in the storage of oil and petroleum products, allows our specialists to provide qualified technical consultation on all issues of selection of tank equipment.

OilGasTerminal supplies products to almost all regions of Russia. The presence of the transport and logistics department makes it possible in the shortest possible time to calculate the cost of delivery and carry it to the place of installation by any means of transport convenient for you. For the convenience of working with our foreign partners working department of customs clearance.

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